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High-Tech Contractor Tools

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Technology is moving at a very rapid pace today in every industry, including the building contracting trades. By using today’s modern technology, contractors have the ability to complete job tasks with less effort and in less time. From the design stage to the finishing touches, you’ll find a new high-tech tool to help you finish the job better than ever before.

Cordless Tools

Cordless battery-operated tools are taking over the portable tool class. With the arrival of lithium battery technology, cordless tools have expanded to include drill/drivers, impact wrenches, sanders, planers, work lighting, circular saws, and much more. By eliminating the cord, contractors can perform their job tasks easier, faster, and more comfortably. After using a cordless tool, you can see why they are here to stay.

Design Software

Building design has made a huge leap forward in the last ten years. Designers and contractors can now completely eliminate creating drawings and blueprints by hand. Improvements in software technology allows designers to create drawings with just a few steps. Altering the design is even easier using preloaded design features. You can design a whole house or use kitchen design software for remodeling only the kitchen.

Other High-Tech Tools

Some new table saws come with a retractable blade if the user’s skin comes in contact with it. Thermal imaging is now available for your smart phone allowing you to locate water leaks or hot electrical wiring. They also help find gaps in wall, ceiling, and floor insulation. Measuring and leveling tools have gone laser making difficult jobs much easier, especially on long runs. You can make a level line on an entire room with these tools.

Take Advantage of Technology

If you’re just getting into the building contracting trade, consider yourself lucky to be able to use the latest high-tech equipment to perform your job tasks. Previous contractors didn’t have it so easy. You’ll be able to complete jobs more efficiently, saving you time and money. The only question now is: What’s next for the future? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s guaranteed to fascinate you.